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a transgender student attacked at this bay area high school. tonight, police are investigating what happened. >> we do know that the suspect's made derogatory remarks, which led us to carry this as a hate crime, as well as a sexual assault. >> high school violence involving a transgender teen, once again it's on the campus of hercules high school. explaining why police call this assault a hate crime. >> reporter: well, it happened here on campus, in a bathroom
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during the school day. a 15-year-old freshman says he was jumped, and sexually assaulted. the transgender student who identifies as male says he had just left this boy's bedroom before 11:00 a.m. when he was forced back inside, and into the disabled stall. >> he was physically, and sexually assaulted. there is a strong indication it was a hate crime, and he was in the male bathroom, which is his right. >> reporter: he was led to the hospital by ambulance. >> i feel really bad for the victim. >> reporter: he says he will hold a special board member, addressing tolerance and safety at this school. >> as a board member, we're horrified by what happened. it's terrible. >> reporter: students didn't know about the attack.
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>> i had three children here. but i didn't know about that. >> i'm sad to hear that. i know there was an incident a few weeks ago of a young lady. >> reporter: that fight involving jewels gutierrez was caught on video. all involved were suspended for a week, but gutierrez the only one charged with battery. >> you will be expelled. you will be punished, and we will ask that you are prosecuted to the extent of the law. >> reporter: hercules high lacks the cameras at newer schools. the assailants are presumed to be students students but they
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can't be certain. there will be extra counselors on this campus again tomorrow, rocked again by turmoil. debra villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more news, this attack ups two months after the california transgender rights law. the law is the first of its kind in the nation. just last week, an effort to repeal it failed to garner enough signatures to get on the ballot. police have stepped up patrols. ken pritchett is live at the scene of the first robbery. students have been told to stay alert. >> reporter: it was here on this campus parking lot next to shot field.
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another robbery, within an hour of that first incident, students were alerted to it by text message, email, and phone. the students are on the golf team, walking home at #k tonight from a day on the links. where they are walking by shot field at 1:00 a.m. saturday morning was the scene of a crime. >> i was pretty scared. i was glad that i was home, and with the doors locked and everything. >> one student was approached by three men. two of them had handguns. >> i got the phone call at like 2:00 p.m., i think. it was kind of explaining everything that happened. >> reporter: a half mile away near the intersection of park and mission. according to police, three victims were approached by the same gunman. in the second dip, the violence
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escalated. police say of the three victims, one of those victims were told to get down onto the ground, and that victim was pistol whipped. santa clara university said in a statement while crime on campus is extremely rare, you're encouraged to walk in groups at night. >> we've never been too scared before, so th something that we'll take into consideration next time. >> reporter: the university says police will be saturating the areas where these two incidents took place. the suspect descriptions given by police are vague. three 25-year-old men. african american, one wearing a green jacket. two others wearing dark sweatshirts, and dark clothing. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. we're on storm watch tonight as another storm brings
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wide shed showers to the bay area. a look at stormtracker 2 shows a lot green. we've seen wet weather all night. it was much the same story in san francisco, where people needed their umbrellas, and jackets to stay dry tonight. the rain is causing some problems on bay area roads, such as here and sonoma county. drivers on graten road were forced to turn around. our chief meteorologist, has been tracking rain all day long. >> more rain out there, as you pointed out. it's going to start to dry out by the time it hits the morning commute. this is much needed rain. it just came at a bad time. these are some of the totals. almost a half inch in santa rosa. in the cities, generally less than a quarter of an inch. but that will change as we head into the next hour, as more rain continues to fall. you see that moisture plume
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coming in. you see these yellows showing up offshore. this is heavier rain moving in off the san francisco area. it will move in in the next half hour or so. getting heavy near dally city. the north bay was getting hit pretty hard. but that's kind of backing off. more rain coming our way. it's not a gully washer. but everything helps. beyond this, as we go into tomorrow, there's a chance for more sprinkles. in the five-day forecast, there's more rain. we'll time that out for you in the regular weather. a reminder, you can download the new ktvu weather app for the latest on conditions anytime in the bay area. with all of that rain, you might forget that california is still in a drought. one bay area water district is considering a proposal that would put mandatory restrictions on water use. if passed, the alameda county water district would be the
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first in the bay area to implement those mandatory restrictions. the district serves 330 residents. jana katsuyama live in fremont to tell us what would be restricted. >> reporter: frank it is raining here. but certainly not enough. i did get an advanced copy of the board's proposal. if the board approves it next week, it could be become the first bay area district to pass an ordinance. at the fremont park golf course, tonight's rain was a mixed blessing. >> we needed rain, but it keeps some customers away. >> reporter: not this 11-year- old who is practicing rain or shine for a tournament. >> i practice every day, probably about three hours. >> we pay full rate for our water, just like consumers at
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home would. >> reporter: are you worried about the drought? >> no, not that we have rain. >> reporter: imposing restrictions and bans on outdoor water use. >> about 40% of our water supply coming from the state water project. which announced that agencies will get a 0% allegation. >> reporter: another 40% comes from ground water, which is low. the ordinance would restrict lawn watering to once or twice a week for homes. two to three times a week for parks or golf courses. it would put a ban on refilling pools. anyone who did not comply would receive a letter, or could have their water shut off, or receive a misdemeanor charge. the goal is to cut water about 20%. that's the equivalent of filling a pool the size of a football field 1.5 miles deep. >> if it was drier next year,
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or the situation doesn't improve, the next step could conceivably be rationing. >> we are concerned about the well-being of california in the drought. >> reporter: the water district has scheduled a public hearing, next thursday at 6:00 p.m. if we don't see more of this rain, other districts could follow suit. reporting live in fremont, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details right now, the santa clara valley water district is asking for 20% water conservation. east bay mud is looking for 10%. marin county wants more. 25%. all of these are voluntary now, but could later become mandatory. the salmonella outbreak linked to foster farms chicken may not be over. they've identified 51 new cases, all reported between
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january 16 and late february. all but 7 of them were in california. last october, salmonella was linked to three plants. a city pushing for one of the steepest sales taxes in the bay area. >> please don't tell me they're going to raise it again. >> the tradeoff that supporters say would be worth the sacrifice. >> he says he spotted a burglar in his backyard. >> i wasn't thinking straight. >> how a risky confrontation came to a dramatic end. >> after the break, mourning a classmate killed by a train. the fateful decision that cost a young girl her life.
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critics call uber the wild west. some cities are looking to crackdown on how many vehicles are providing services through ridesharing apps. seattle is working to cap the number of uber, and lift cars on the road at any given time. amber lee is in san francisco, where one city leader says regulation might be enough to improve public safety here. >> reporter: holding a public hearing here at city hall thursday. he wants to discuss ways to
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regulate this industry. >> on a cold, wet night like this. people are anxious to get home. a quick tap on an app, such as uber, or lift can get you a ride. >> it tells me that there's an increase, due to prime time, and i would just confirm, and the ride will be here. >> reporter: city leaders say convenience should not come without accountability. the new year's eve accident, in which an uber driver struck and killed sophia lou led the call for thursday's hearing. >> we need to see how we can protect the safety of customers of these private customers. >> reporter: uber has denied responsibility, saying the driver was not providing services at the time of the accident. >> we're going to see what we can do locally to start to regulate this wild west of a new industry. >> reporter: there are 1,000 taxi cabs on the streets, compared to the 3,000 vehicles
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that come from uber and lift. san francisco may eventually move toward setting caps. >> i don't know if it's necessary or not at this point in time. it's still pretty new. >> reporter: uber issued a written statement in response to seattle's cap, which says in part, this decision will put hundreds of small businesses out of work, and leave them without an opportunity to earn a living. >> i do think they've added to the city and made things more convenient for people. it's kind of like, there's pros and cons to the situation. >> i think regulation is what we need to explore. i don't think that's a bad idea. >> reporter: lift did not answer my email. mars office also did not receive a response from lift, and uber has not said if it will attend thursday's hearing. hive at san francisco city
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hall, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. although the new eastern span of the bay bridge opened back on labor day, work on the bridge is far from over. runs 147 pages, and contains thousands of items that engineers say must still be finished from tightening bolts to removing nuts. tomorrow, an executive summary is expected to be presented. on wednesday, the report will go before the full area of the bay highway patrol authority. a low speed chase across the bay bridge. the chp says 46-year-old hector fuentes stole a box truck from where he used to lift. the chase ended after it became disabled on highway 101 in san francisco. now to martinez, family and
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friends are mourning the loss of a 14-year-old girl, as investigators look into how she was hit and killed by a passing freight train. how those who knew the young teenager are dealing her death. >> reporter: students at martinez junior high wore pink in her honor. it was her favorite color. >> everyone was crying and it was really depressing. >> she will always be somewhere in my heart. >> we haven't even processed it yet. >> reporter: jenna betty was hit and killed by a train. it appears the 8th grader had been meeting her boyfriend on the tracks. both ran as the train approached, but jenna went back for her cell phone. betty's boyfriend recounts
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those events. he adds, if i could relive it, i would switch places. school officials describe her as a great student and athlete. >> she always had a smile. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand at the junior high, and students were given the opportunity to write out their feelings during class. they say jenna will be missed. >> just knowing that she's gone. it's just hard to believe that she's gone. >> reporter: friends will continue to honor jenna betty in the coming days, they're working on a video tribute at the school, among other things. the investigation into the accident is ongoing. in martinez, ann reuben, ktvu, channel 2 news. ktvu viewers have been sharing their condolences on our facebook page. you can do the same if you look. just search for ktvu, channel 2. looking to minimize risks due to baby sleep machines. >> you have two options.
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the sound of the heartbeat and lullaby. >> the study suggests the machines can cause hearing damage to infants. the devices promise to help babies fall asleep. but at their highest levels, it exceeds volumes. losing your temper could be bad for your health. researchers at harvard say the risk of heart attack is five times higher during an angry outburst. they also say the risk is cumulative. if you get angry five times a day, the risk rises exponentially. they say more studies are needed. radar showing showers moving into the south bay. a break in the north bay. the rainfall has been relatively light, but it's been picking up here along the
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peninsula, out towards burlingame as well. getting moderate rainfall. san jose, you've got some rainfall in millepedes. here we go after midnight, still widely scattered showers. this is suggesting there will be a few lingering showers. your morning commute, there's going to be a little bit of wet on the roadway. here we are at 5:00 a.m. lunchtime, sun comes out, the roads start to dry off. another system similar to this one, it gets here in the middle of the week. i'll run this model into wednesday for you. see you back here at 10:45. powerful storms are once again wrecking havoc on the midwest. the plain states are also in the grips of brutal cold. an icy patch on a freeway outside dallas caused this. a 34-mile backup. one wisconsin town is
10:21 pm
celebrating the snow with this monstrous snowman. many people who live there are taking bets on whether it will melt by june. a deadly crash is shedding light on a bigger problem. at 10:30, the crosswalk some say needs to be improved, and why efforts don't appear to be working. >> first, the bay area police department is looking to hire. the new strategy to fill the ranks with some home grown talent. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, breakfast is on. oscar mayer bacon is only $3.99. rise and shine with simply orange oj, just $2.98. and oikos greek yogurt is only a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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since i had had health insurance -- i wasn't sure kind of what policy i needed. within 45 minutes i had an insurance policy. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at only on 2, the oakland police department is hiring. and the department hopes to fill its ranks with home-grown talent. right now, the money to hire 91 more. but reaching young recruits is not without its challenges. the tweets are sent out in
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multiple languages. the message, want to help stop violence in oakland? become an oakland police officer. >> we're recuting at a younger generation. they're making use of social media, so we're going to. >> reporter: oakland police have graduated two in the past year. only 8% of police academy grads were oakland residents. >> not enough oakland police are applying. >> reporter: mayor jean quan wants to create a pipeline. >> we want to up numbers and have a whole school program. >> reporter: she says ideally, as many as 50 students would start it and go from there into the police academy.
10:25 pm
students like david gear are skeptical. city leaders admit, appealing to the younger demographic may be an incompetent hill battle. >> the police officers are some of my best paid employees. for a lot of young people who are looking for job opportunities, this may be one of the highest paid opportunities. >> reporter: starting salary for an oakland police officer ranges from 69, to $98,000 a year. allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the tenure of diana santana has come to an end after nearly three years. jean quan praised her as a tireless worker. santana was said to be up happy
10:26 pm
because she felt she was being thwarted by city leaders, including the mayor. if approved by the city council, he could take over by noon tomorrow. call it a sign of the times. a new report shows christian churches in california are increasingly welcoming openly gay members into their congregations. gay says they have increased by 50% since 2005. the report showed among california cities with more than 50,000 residents, berkely is home to the most guy affirming christian churches per capita. when it comes to sales tax, how much is too much? >> one east bay city wants to boost its sales tax rate, but are voters here ready to support a near double-digit rate? >> reporter: also, a new push
10:27 pm
to move e-cigarettes. >> and download the ktvu app. watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪
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a cash strapped city in alameda county is looking at a new plan to raise taxes. hayward is considering a valid initiative that would boost sales tax to the highest rate in the region. live from hayward to tell us what all of that extra money would be used for. >> reporter: frank, city officials tell me hayward must do something to address the need for more police and other infrastructure improvements. but a tax hike that would bring the rate here to a near double- digit rate might be a tough sell. if only money flowed into city coffers, as well as the fountain outside city hall. >> we've been hit very hard by
10:30 pm
the recession. >> reporter: the economic downturn has left hayward with a $500 million backlog in much needed capital improvements. >> you can see public safety ranks very high. >> reporter: they have been hoping to gain support for a sales tax hike. so projects such as hiring additional police, library upgrades. >> that's what these revenues would be aimed at dealing with. >> reporter: please don't tell me they're going to raise it. right now, the sales tax is 9%. it would boost it to 9.5%. here are the highest rates in each county. napa's 8% to albany's, 9.5%, the same rate hayward is considering. >> you don't think it's too
10:31 pm
much. >> residents will have a chance to decide. >> reporter: 65% support for that measure. frank and julie, if it is approved tomorrow night, it would be placed on the june ballot for voters to decide. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> you already talked about how albany has a 9.5% sales tax. what about the other cities with a rate that high? >> reporter: i did some checking. albany is one of only five cities in the bay area with that high of a tax rate. there are three cities in los angeles county with actually higher at 10%. san rafael city council voted unanimously this evening in favor of a ban on plastic bags. they join dozens of california cities with similar bans. tonight's vote was the second and time reading. the ban will go into effect september 15. stores and vendors are expected
10:32 pm
to offer recyclable paper bags. eric maher is introducing a ban on e cigarettes. he expects a ban similar to one 20 years ago. >> we passed a law in 1983. it was a huge fight. the tobacco companies spent over $20 million trying to repeal it. >> they would be restricted at least 15 feet from a door like tobacco cigarettes. the federal government sued sprint today for allegedly charging the government too much for wiretapping services. telecom companies that comply with government orders to bug
10:33 pm
phones are entitled to reasonable reimbursement costs. authorities claim sprint combines service, and equipment expenses which inflated the bill. companies are supposed to go through a separate process. sprint claims it did not break any laws, and will vigorously fight the charges. an accident has fremont police looking into the safety of a pedestrian crosswalk. the accident happened on washington boulevard at olive avenue. it's not the first time someone has died there. >> reporter: people who live near washington and olive. >> they're flying by here all the time. >> reporter: describe it more like a raceway. >> people drive very fast on that road. >> reporter: just before 6:00 this morning, a corvette struck and killed a woman in the crosswalk. the driver pulled over, and called 911. he told police he never saw the woman. >> when he felt the impact, he
10:34 pm
originally thought it was an animal, or a bird that he had hit. >> reporter: it's the first deadly pedestrian accident in fremont this year. another woman was hit and killed at this same spot. >> i go up to the signal at either end. >> rather than crossing in front of your street. >> no, i won't cross there. >> reporter: there are signs warning drivers, but they're not visible. >> i was just thinking, maybe they need to put these flashing lights. >> reporter: last spring, fremont police made traffic safety a priority. identifying 17 problem traffic locations in the city. today's accident location isn't on that list of problems, but police say the safety of this intersection will be a conversation they have. the driver is cooperating with police, but if investigators
10:35 pm
find he is at fault, he could face criminal charges. in fremont, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. another accident in fremont critically injured a 4-year-old girl and her mother. police say it appears the mother was under the influence, and veered into oncoming traffic on osgood road just after midnight. police say the child was in a car seat, but it wasn't secured properly. the man in the other car also suffered injuries and said he had been drinking as well. both drivers may face charges. some business owners worry they may not be around to see it when it's done. the improvement project is being done in stages. businesses are open, but owners say they aren't seeing a lot of that all important foot traffic. >> the fences are up. it's not at all welcoming.
10:36 pm
>> people cannot even walk here. they have to walk a half block from primrose to come over here. a disaster. >> reporter: store owners we talked with say revenue has been cut in half. they hope they'll be able to remain in business until the job is done. the project began last may, and is not expected to be finished until the end of this summer. he says he spotted a prowler in his backyard. >> i wasn't thinking straight. >> reporter: how that confrontation led to a mild chase on foot. >> we're going to get a break from the rain, but not for long. the critical timing on wet and dry weather where you live.
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secretary of state john kerry boarded an air force jet and headed to ukraine. he is expected to meet with the new leadership of kiev testimony. trying to rally international allies to bring pressure on russia to stand back from an intense standoff. ukraine's envoy to the u.n. says russia has flooded crimea with 16,000 troops in the past week. russia says it's protecting the russian people in ukraine, and its own military bases there. the president obama said russia must respect ukraine sovereignty, and said russia is on the wrong side of history. >> over time, this will be costly proposition for russia. and now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve
10:40 pm
their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy, as opposed to force. >> the president said he is considering a number of diplomatic steps to isolate russia. on wall street, the dow fell in response to the tension in ukraine. the trial of south african paralympic athlete oscar pistorius began. he shot and killed his girlfriend last year at his home. he said it was an accident, and he thought she was an intruder in the bathroom. a neighbor who lived about 200 yards away, testified she heard a woman's blood curdling screams, then four gunshots. pistorius is the double amputee
10:41 pm
track star known as the blade runner. it won't take a hail mary pass to have joe montana's development open by the super bowl. just aggressive planning. the new 49er stadium is more than 80% complete. city officials tell ktvu they're working hard to get former quarterback joe montana's two hotels, and a restaurant ready for visitors. >> i imagine if joe montana's hotel and restaurant were open in time for the super bowl, the lines out front will be very long, and there will be a lot of people very excited to get inside. >> reporter: the other project is not expected to be open in time for the super bowl. they add, they never thought it would be, because it's being built on a landfill, which complicates the building process. coming up next, developing news. police are investigating a possible murder suicide at a
10:42 pm
bay area convalescent home. >> plus, a would be burglar caught in the act. the bigger story is how the homeowner reacted. >> he said nobody is going to harm me. >> how he says it all wept down, and why police say his actions may not have been a good idea. >> plus, it is raining right now, and more may be on the way. >> plus, it's it's selfie seen round the world. now the back story, and the company behind one of the oscar's most memorable moments.
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save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.ould yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. developing news now from san francisco, where police are investigating a murder suicide at a convalescent home. officers were dispatched to do a welfare check on ellis street at la gowna at #k -- laguna at
10:45 pm
8:15 tonight. the names and relationship are not released at this time. the husband who was the pilot survived, but was critically injured. his wife survived. they identified as ray richard farnell, and darla farnell. it took about two hours for rescue teams to get to the crash site. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. caught in the act, a homeowner confronts a would be burglar in the backyard. it sparked a near mile long foot chase before the suspect was caught. rob roth explains why he refused to back down. >> i just grabbed him from the back and pulled him down and basically sat on him. >> reporter: describing how he
10:46 pm
caught the man he says he saw on his home security monitor. he got a call about somebody in his backyard. on the monitor, he could see a man trying to steal one of his family's bicycles. that's when dio confronted him. >> what are you doing in my backyard? >> reporter: dio who says he's trained in martial arts, then followed the man out the backyard, and a foot chase lasted for almost a mile. >> i wasn't scared. that time, i wasn't thinking straight. i was like, i don't care, he's in my backyard. he's disturbing my privacy. >> reporter: dio says he grabbed him. >> he said no one is even going to harm me. >> i said the cops will take care of you. >> reporter: police arrested reuben perez. they say he broken into a car in the same neighborhood
10:47 pm
earlier. they say while they applaud his courage, they advise against suspects chasing down suspects. >> what we want, and what we're looking for is for them to give us a call, and let us take the risks. >> reporter: his wife tells us, she would rather her husband not chase suspects down the street, but she's glad no one got hurt. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. now, to the story behind the story of that tweet that went around the world last night. host of the academy awards, ellen degeneres used a samsung smartphone to take photos with the stars. samsung was a major sponsor of the show, and handed out smart phones to use during the broadcast. it was degeneres who decided to use the phone to take selfies.
10:48 pm
once back stage, she went back to using tweets with her iphone. the showers will continue for the next hour or so. then should taper off for your morning commute. it's not a very powerful storm, but pretty moist. you can see it by rainfall footprint. you see north bay starting to clear out just a little bit here. a little break in san francisco right now. rainfall accumulations have been relatively light. antioch, concord's got rain. livermore, you've got rain. you've had rain for a little while now. accumulations are going to start to pile up a little bit. san jose, showers finally. you'll see these showers how they're working their way out of here. the plan is you're going to be dry from the sky.
10:49 pm
that moisture coming from some tropics. maybe in the hills, we might see an inch of rain in the bay. the next system comes in wednesday night late into thursday morning. it doesn't look very strong. rainfall accumulations something like this. .29 in concord. this is an estimate. but it's good. a nice quarter inch, half inch rain event is good. the seven-day forecast looks like this. dry from the sky. probably wet on the road. just left over. your wednesday morning commute looks dry. here it comes. your wednesday evening commute looks dry. wednesday night into thursday morning. so here it goes, wednesday night, into thursday morning. about 3:00 a.m. so it's going to be wet for your morning commute on the road. we'll watch that one for you. that system looks similar to this one at well where the
10:50 pm
heaviest rain would come out in the north bay. wednesday night, into thursday morning. tomorrow is sort of a transition day. friday, saturday, and sunday, things settle down a bit. we stay in the warm section. kind of a mild pattern. good news on the rain tonight, could have used more. maybe an inch it the coastal hills. right now, still most people are down below a quarter of an inch. but did make a little bit of a mess. it takes nothing. >> it looks like it's going to linger around too. >> the thing on wednesday has a potential for a quarter inch or more if it happens. >> it's not going to move the meter at all. >> thanks bill. an injured bear cub. look at that. is being treated tonight at lake tahoe's wildlife care
10:51 pm
center. the bear was rescued this morning after wandering onto a ski run. x-rays show no broken bones, but the cub had open wounds, and is a bit underweight. authorities have seen a lot of wildlife, and they think it's probably because of the drought. apple calls it a smarter, safer way to use your phone in the car. it makes apps available on your vehicle's built in display. ferrari, mercedes-benz, and volvo are introducing the feature this week. it will be expanding to other vehicles, including ford, bmw, honda, and toyota. going to take us to arizona for a look at how the giants and a's are doing in spring training. >> they are playing some baseball. it's about getting up to speed by the time the regular games start. no one on the dodgers expects
10:52 pm
clayton kershaw to be the pitcher a's saw today. nick punto with one opposite field with the bases loaded in the 3rd. kershaw departed without retiring a batter in the inning. the a's just getting started. redick lifts one to left. two more runs score. van slyke, the son of andy van slyke. the a's get 7 in the inning, and win 7-3. one big positive for the giants was the spring debut of tim lincecum. handling a comebacker with his bare hand in the 2 shutout innings. might be wise to protect that hand. the padres got to a pair of giants relievers. lines it over the left field fence for a homer.
10:53 pm
petite was charged with 4 runs in the inning. san diego, a 7-2 winner. a familiar face. seattle seahawks quarterback, russell wilson isn't changing sports, but the rangers recognize a chance for a little publicity when it comes along. he was not given permission by the seahawks brass to face live pitching in an actual game. the 49ers check a very important box in their off- season to do list. we'll be right back. [ sally ] i had a pre-existing condition,
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so i was basically uninsurable. now that i've got coverage, my doctor is a phone call or an e-mail away. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit and get covered today.
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the 49ers got a very important piece of off-season business done today. anquan boldin has been signed to a two year contract extense. this was bolden's 6th career 1,000-yard receiving season, but his first since 2009. also a report tonight in an interview with sports illustrate, jim harbaugh is denying any kind of rift with the gm, and denying he has any intention of leaving the 49ers before his contract expires at the end of the 2015 season. lebron james still playing with the inconvenience of a mask to protect his broken
10:57 pm
nose. james hit his first eight shots from three-point range. on the night, he was 22 of 33 from field. his total? 61 points. that breaks his former career best of 56. also, that's a new single game record for the heat. miami was the big winner, 124- 107. the warriors back at it tomorrow night in indiana. currently in the number 6 spot in the western conference. >> you can probably tie one hand behind his back, and he would still score 30 points. he is just phenomenal. thanks joe. >> a different colored mask. >> he had the darth vader on the other day. the league said no more. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 tomorrow. >> if you missed any part of tonight's broadcast, you can
10:58 pm
catch the re-broadcast on tv36. have a good evening. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good night. ♪ [ music ]
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haley, hurry up! you don't have much time, and i made chocolate chip pancakes. mom, i'm not 12. dibs on hers. honey, you excited about your first day? you know what? i really am. there's something about going to work that makes you feel like you're... i don't know, worth something. no offense, mom. listen... (clears throat) i wanna give you some advice. do it fast. she's gonna be late. work hard. uh-huh. keep your eye on the ball. (cell phone alert chimes) stay focused. never... (laughs) check it out! cam in overalls! (claire) ohh! (gasps) mitchell sent me the same text! why "look what you've done"? oh, because cam is helping me out with that baseball field, and mitchell hates it when he gets all farmed up. his turn-offs are farm, fizbo, and, worst of all, farmbo. hey! howdy, life pardner! (guffaws)

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